Startupbus cover

As you may already know, we are a proud sponsor of the StartupBus North America 2014. It is a startup competition that will bring buspreneurs from all across the country on a 3days trip to Austin. While they will riding the road, they will have to work on their startup and make it happen.

APIs are key tools to the success of those 3days old MVP. With the help of APIs, hackers will be able to build faster and focus on their core product. APIs could also change totally a startup’s pitch. Who is capable of writing a face recognition feature on his own in 3days with barely wifi connection ? No one (or I definitively want to meet this person), but with the help of APIs you can include this feature in couple of lines of code.

We will have two of our evangelists joining the StartupBus competition, Kristine on the bus leaving from NYC, and Nicolas on the one leaving Silicon Valley. We are super excited about this hacking adventure !

Unfortunately we face a major problem: which of our 300 clients APIs should be showcased to hackers on the StartupBus ? Why one more than another ?

Easy solution: we are running a contest :)

We will select 5 APIs out of this contest and 5 of our choice, and put them in front row for hackers to hack them. We will have a handout onboard to present each of them and also promote the selected APIs in advance so hackers could start getting familiar with it. If your API is selected we will train our evangelist to master it so they could help teams.

If your API is not live yet, it’s a great opportunity to put a deadline on your schedule :D
If you are not using 3scale yet, feel free to test us, it’s free !


Happy Coding!