Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Flexible, High Performance, Zero Latency & Free – This Service Get’s AWS Users Up And Running Their APIs in Just a Few Clicks


3SCALE has a large number of customers running their APIs on Amazon AWS.  Until now, they’ve had to go through several initial steps to get setup – so we set out to  make this process quick and easy. It’s also suitable for organizations that have their APIs hosted in places other than Amazon that want to use Amazon EC2 compute nodes to create a virtual API firewall in the cloud. The  3SCALE API Proxy for AWS is available now through the Amazon AWS Marketplace.

Essentially, the new service allows anybody to easily set up an API management proxy on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure service with just a few clicks. The proxy provides rate limiting, access control, analytics and policy enforcement out of the box for APIs hosted either on Amazon AWS or elsewhere. The proxies also link to 3scale infrastructure that allow the user to seamlessly create an API Developer Portal and on boarding program for the API Users.  Customers can set up as many proxy nodes as they need and there is no cost apart from the normal Amazon Machine Compute costs.

The service supports all the main use cases of our full API Management platform including APIs for mobile backends, building partner ecosystems, supporting customer integration and internal integrations. One more step in our quest to enable mass market APIs!

“As API’s become more common, customers need easier and faster ways of bringing them to market to engage with their audiences,” said Steve Willmott, CEO of 3SCALE. “The introduction of the 3SCALE API Proxy on AWS provides a seamless way to get the power of 3SCALE’s infrastructure for cloud-based APIs, as well as an easy way to integrate with AWS  – all while taking full advantage of the latest technologies for API management. This will help bring APIs to an even broader audience and expand their impact, accelerating the API Economy.”

In addition to this API proxy for Amazon’s AWS, you might also look at our integration tutorials for Heroku and Windows Azure for the fastest ways to get your APIs deployed.