Heard of Plumer, Optimizely for Tinder ?

plumer logo

plumer logo

On Sunday morning a group of 30 people met at the StartupHouse for the beginning of their journey of a lifetime. They all jumped on the StartupBus San Francisco, heading to San Antonio, to build the next next successful startup while they are riding the desert.

3scale is a proud sponsor of this year’s edition of StartupBus. You may have read Kristine’s experience on the bus that left from New York. Let me tell you the story of team Plumer on the San Francisco bus.

It all started when Stephen pitched his story in the front the bus, telling us that he applied the famous A/B testing technique to his online dating profiles. He realized that a picture of him with a puppy would get him more clicks. Thanks to this particular picture he met his current girlfriend. His idea was to help anybody doing the same thing and automate the process.

The bus stopped at Bakerfields, CA. And teams were formed over a crowded Starbucks full of entrepreneurs exchanging ideas over coffee.

When we went back on the bus, Plumer team was formed. Stephen is a Developer Evangelist at Iron.io, Nick is also an evangelist at Sendgrid, Mo is evangelizing Spotify on the bus, Paiman is a mobolizer at Elance. The team also have onboard Lien, Developer from Belgium at Engagor and Rand hustler at Spartups Accelerator. I chose to join Plumer team and see how I could help make it successful.

Also, it’s the team with the most evangelists on it !

Online dating is a big market in the US with more than 41 Milions active users that are spending an average of $239 per year. But most of the people become inactive after a while as they don’t find matches. Plumer can help them by optimizing their profiles and find what clicks.

With Plumer you will show the best of yourself and make sure you have the best strategy to hit your goals on dating websites.

Dating websites and apps don’t have any public APIs so one of the main technical challenge was to scrape the website and act as a normal person. After couple of hours of work, the team was able to interact with OkCupid profiles. And we are on the right way to have a working MVP by the end of the day.

In the same time, the hustlers team was reaching out to media, influencers, bloggers to spread the word out and learn more about the online dating scene.

Among all the teams on the StartupBus competition, Plumer is the one that raised the most money (fake investement). Invest in them and get early access to the platform.

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