After rolling out of bed around 3:30 AM everyone stumbled sleepily to Spotify Head Quarters in New York City before the bus left at 4:45AM SHARP. Of course the sleepiness could not last too long – 10 minutes after scrambling to find a good seat (preferably one at a table) the fun began with the rally of our crazy conductors Alice Ng and Nate Cooper.

Everyone introduced themselves, gave their backgrounds and a pitch (whether they had one or not). All the Busprenuers have interesting and diverse backgrounds which makes for entertaining and motivating company.

Some people came with an idea, some people made up ideas on the spot, and one person even came with a full blown startup pitch including a pamphlet.

After that the game began. Everyone mixed together and tried to recruit people for their teams, and pitched their own skills to the teams they were interested in. After about an hour, everyone settled into their teams and buckled down to work. I joined a team for the startup MiniMap.

Here is a quick description of our Startup. Check it out!


“Life is not about going from point A to B, it’s about the journey.”


The app is a map that turns your calendar and friends into a visual compass of your life.  We don’t just provide a map of directions to one place, we provide a map of directions for your day and your life.

Think about video games. The mini maps in games show exactly what the player needs at any given time – where they need to go next, and tons of other things they can do – while being completely unobtrusive, allowing users be immerse in their virtual realities and explore all the options.

And so we have MiniMap.  Exactly what the user needs to enjoy reality.  Let’s make your life and your city the coolest game ever.

We will be releasing a beta in the next day or so which you can sign up for on our landing page.

Landing Page:

Facebook Page:

Twitter: @minimapapp

You can invest in our startup with virtual money and see the standings if you sign up at

We will be writing posts all week so check back to hear about our journey!  To keep up with us in real time you can follow me @Kristine_Hines, the NYC bus @StartupBusNYC, and all the busses @StartupBus.