INCOMM-2Cashtie API helps you to get paid and to sell your digital goods via major retailers. 

The Cashtie API powered by 3scale connects your application to the cash registers (POS) of major retailers leveraging Cashtie barcodes. These barcodes can be used to pay everyday bills in cash at large retailers right at the checkout lane, by placing barcodes on utility bills emailed or mailed to consumers or proving barcodes as a web print out or via email at ecommerce checkout process, and pay the online order in cash at a local retail store.


For bill pay transaction Cashtie is allowing consumers to skip the lines at the bill pay service desks and pay their bills alongside their other purchases right at each cash register.

But this is not all you can do with Cashtie barcodes and the Cashtie API, imagine if you could sell your digital products at major retail stores like Walmart, Target and CVS? This is the dream of many, and it s something that is being made possible using APIs—specifically with the Cashtie API, from Incomm.

cashtie3The Cashtie API enables any web or mobile developer to generate barcodes for digital products, services and bill payments, which can then be presented and scanned at the point of sale (POS) systems at major retailers like Walmart, Target and CVS — opening up retail inventory to include virtual products and services and dramatically simplify the in store bill pay process.

Using the Cashtie API developers can now sell digital goods like music, movies, and games in physical retail stores, accepting cash for the hottest online goods—changing the landscape of retail sales and how we buy goods online.

APIs are opening unlimited opportunities for businesses and application developers, and the Cashtie API is an excellent representation of this opportunity. The resources opened up by Incomm will help blur the lines of commerce, between online and offline purchases, by connecting online products and services with retail stores via the mobile phones in our pockets.

Read more about the API at Get started with the Cashtie API today by testing out the free option or request an account to get access to the full power of the API.