It’s day 3 of the StartupBus and you can tell that the pressure is on! The bus is almost silent besides a few hustlers fine tuning their pitches.  We hit a snag in our journey last night traveling between Memphis, TN and Little Rock, AR.  There had been an ice storm the night before and the entire highway was covered in multiple inches of ice. On the plus side, when you’re only driving a few MPH you can get a better internet signal. It took over 6 hours to drive 37 miles so we are grateful we made it safely to the hotel around 3:00AM!

After 48 hours of working together the teams have melded and you would have thought these people have known each other for weeks or months. There is nothing that bonds people more than an intense experiences like this. 

In this stage of the game, we are working on getting the word out about our product and getting a buzz going in social media.  It is interesting to go through the process of promotion.  Who do you contact? How do you write an enticing press release? Who is your target market that you need to spread the word out to? Your own personal network plays a big roll on how far you can immediately get your product out to.

How is MiniMap doing?

MiniMap has really come into its own and we are almost ready to release a beta.  You can sign up at  We would love to hear your advice and feedback on our product. We have finally made it to Texas and have about 3 hours left till we meet our final destination of San Antonio where to true games begin.  The first pitch at Rackspace HQ begins at 9:00AM.

Meet the amazingly talented MiniMap team!

Madelena Mak- The visionary for MiniMap. Designed Trillian (40 million downloads, reached #1 in app stores).

Salman Ansari- Cofounder of Involver which was recently acquired by Oracle

Gabriel Ortega- iOS Developer at FieldLens

Luc Succes- iOS and Web Dev at Spotify

Edwin Rogers- Founder of Linxlab a boutique Drupal consultancy based in NYC.

Kristine Jennings(me)- Developer Evangelist at 3SCALE


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