Screen-Shot-2012-10-18-at-9.59.54-PMThe APIStrat Amsterdam event had an amazing mix of content and it’s been hard to digest but videos help a great deal! One of the panels that stood out was the final panel with Adam Duvander, Mike Amundsen, Mark Boyd, Kin Lane and Mehdi Medjaoui on 1 Million APIs. The topics cycled across much of what had been said at the conference but importantly took the long term perspective – what happens when we reach Millions of APIs? How do we get there? Will we? How?

This is a topic close to our hearts at 3scale since we believe scaling the API Web and the API Economy is a hugely important challenge for the evolution of the Web. Here is the video:

We covered some great topics:

  • Do we still need the API count hockey stick graph? How important is it still?
  • The Web grew because all the pages were connected? How does that happen for APIs?
  • How legal and business constraints grow.
  • The need to move from API Directories to API Search.
  • The role of of mashup / scripting tools like Zapier, IFTTT in enabling composition and connection. (Plus I think Adam Duvander just also coined a new term – the Un-programming movement).
  • How complex these APIs need to be – and are we going to create to many Silos.
  • How to we get to the dis-aggregation of the bigger siloed services.
  • How will Identity and Trust work?
  • Recipes vs Menus.
  • The importance of API, Web Literacy and Reciprocity.

Lots of work to do in building the API Web and API Economy! Thanks to everybody on the panel for a great a discussion – thought provoking!

[And unfortunately it seems me lost the audience comments – there were some great ones from Tyler Singletary in particular. Trying to get a re-edit there!]