3scale Supports Largest Global Developer Survey by VisionMobile3scale has teamed up with VisionMobile – the leading research company in the app economy and mobile business models – to support their 7th global Developer Economics study surveying over 7,000 mobile app developers.

VisionMobile produces extremely valuable insights into developer attitudes, trends, platform mindshare, tools and monetization opportunities. A lot of mobile industry players use that info — including us — and that’s why we support this work.

If you are a developer, have your say and complete the survey.

It takes less than 10 minutes. The resulting report is free, usually around 50 pages and participants  get a notification when it is ready for download.

In addition, respondents can win great prizes, including:

  1. An iPhone 5s
  2. A Galaxy S5
  3. A Lumia 930
  4. A Blackberry Z30
  5. And a lot more!

More about the Developer Economics report

This report is the de-facto research on the app economy and developer ecosystems by VisionMobile, based on the largest, most global developer surveys. The Developer Economics survey is conducted twice a year, and tracks platform Mindshare, monetisation by platform and revenue models, and use of tools. It also  investigates opportunities and challenges in mobile development today.

This 10-minute survey is aimed at app developers. Survey respondents can enter a draw to claim great prizes, such as latest handsets and cool gadgets. Each of the respondents can also claim a free, 1-month subscription to Bugsense’s crash reporting tool.

As always, the survey results will become publicly available as a free download – so that respondents can get a sense of what the latest trends are and what other developers have to say.

3scale Supports Largest Global Developer Survey by VisionMobile