APIdaze provides a second generation cloud communications API that delivers easy-to-integrate development tools for building any web or mobile communication service, with a special focus on WebRTC. Their REST API, powered by 3Scale, eliminates the complexity of working with traditional telecoms for developers, making it easy, secure, and cost-effective to build voice, messaging and WebRTC based applications.

In the past, understanding proprietary languages and protocols, connecting to a carrier, and managing a secure telecom cloud are some of the problems that have been barriers to  building communication applications. By offering a simple XML scripting language, and wholesale voice and SMS services for 80 countries (8000 cities), APIdaze helps developers deliver on the the promise of web and telecom convergence.

Their WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications) approach allows virtually any developer to become a telecom services provider. Billing is on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no hidden costs.

“We built APIdaze for developers building communications into their apps so they can focus on the power and value of what they are creating, instead of managing the complexity of telecoms,” said Luis Borges , Co-Founder at Apidaze.

The Apidaze REST API can be used to manage multiple SIP domains and the SIP accounts under domains, and allow for the provisioning of SIP hard phones. It also allows the easy addition of any SIP carrier, inbound or outbound (BYOT- Bring Your Own Telco), and the abilities to send SMS and faxes, manage voicemail boxes and messages, manage billing, and retrieve CDRs in real time.

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XML scripting language makes it easy to manage simple calls, route outgoing calls to any SIP carrier, or route incoming calls to external phone numbers, and to the Apidaze platform. XML also simplifies building enterprise-class telephony applications that include call pickup, group calling, time of day,etc., as well as simple or complex interactive voice response. It also makes it a breeze to integrate telephony with any internal applications like CRM.

The WebRTC/Flash JavaScript SDK provides the abilities to place calls from a web page, mix PSTN audio conferences with WebRTC/Flash UDP web access, and create browser based video applications.

“Our cloud communications RESTful web API allows developers to build their own solutions that integrate voice, SMS and WebRTC more quickly and more easily than ever before.”

Overall, the use cases are infinite – enterprise telephony, videoconferencing, private “Skype-like” services, browser-based call widgets, virtual call center applications, call tracking and many more. A mobile SDK will also be available during S1 2014, which will allow mobile developers to integrate all these services on IOS and Android. APIdaze is also a strong WebRTC advocate considered by CIO2CMO.com and has pioneered the Telecom Application Developer Community, which will organize a hackathon in Madrid.

Learn more about the API at https://developers.apidaze.io. Get started with the APIdaze API today.