This week we had the pleasure of heading to Seoul for the WWW conference and first stop was a great API Meetup hosted by Daum DNA at D. Camp. Great audience and myself an Mike Amundsen we’re on speaking duty. The event flyer is here.

For the event I was asked to prepare an overview of the current state of APIs and the API Economy, which is a daunting task – John Musser’s great presentations (here and here) are hard to follow, so I didn’t try. Instead, it was a nice chance to put together some thoughts and we came up with a slightly different view of the ecosystem. Key take-aways from our thoughts (the presentation is embedded below):

  • The number of APIs is clearly growing rapidly – but it is increasingly difficult for directories to keep up, and many of these APIs are private or semi-private.

  • Some clear use-cases for APIs have emerged and many companies are combining them to suit their business.

  • At the technology level we have workable tools for much of the provision of individual APIs but ecosystem challenges such as discovery, copyright, standards adoption are starting to become more pressing.

Look out for our API Economy post series which will be restarting here soon!