Captura de pantalla 2014-04-11 a la(s) 16.33.32Signagelive is a privately held global provider of cloud-based media delivery solutions, providing a platform that supports an unrivaled number of different end devices, from mobile phones to SmartTV. Our UK and head office is based near Cambridge and our North American office is based in Chicago IL. We have an office in Singapore supporting our Asia Pacific customers. We operate globally in over 40 countries, where our Signagelive platform is in use daily powering single devices, through to the largest digital media networks reliably, efficiently and cost effectively.

Signagelive’s API – The Beginning of An “API First” Strategy

353nfu-1024x6961Before we created our API our customers were limited to the client (media player) solutions that we offered. This meant that, as we were ‘developing’ any solutions, users that wished to use a new type of client would have to wait until we were able to add support for it. With our 3scale powered API we have enabled third party hardware and software vendors to create their own clients, plus we have given the customer the choice and flexibility to choose the client solution that most fits their needs. In fact, whether the need be functionality, price or geographic availability, or if the perfect solution does not exist, it is not difficult to build a customized media player with the API. We have Signagelive clients  using a wide range of platforms including Samsung Smart Signage, Windows, Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi , each meeting different market segments, each with different routes to market and different levels of functionality to meet the customer’s needs.

The Player API enables clients to:

·  Build customized media players on our CMS platform.

·  Allow media players to register presence with us.

·  Publish content using a single CMS platform to a network of different client types.

·  Notify the Signagelive CMS of player state such as on/off, CPU, usage, temperature, enabling network administrators to manage their estate of Signagelive players through a single platform.

Signagelive Powered by 3scale

We choose 3scale because they offered all of the tools we required to manage and analyze the consumption of our API in a cost effective and simple package that allows us to grow. We were very quickly able to offload the authentication services and developer sign-up workflow to 3Scale, enabling our team to concentrate on core application development. The 3scale CMS is excellent and enabled us to build our developer documentation quickly and ensure it was well presented and easily maintainable.

This is not the end of the story for Signagelive and 3Scale; As we expand the Signagelive platform we have an API first strategy meaning all new core developments will be delivered using APIs that will be open, we therefore will be expanding our use of 3Scale not only for documentation and sign up of new APIs but interactive developer documentation.

Read more about the API at Get started with the Signagelive Player API today.