The idea of consuming rich content on small, portable devices – referred to as the Third Screen vision – has been around for a while. Currently, there is a lot of momentum in this space indicating that this vision is becoming reality. Additionally, third screens are not only used for directly consuming content, a more frequent use case is actually to use mobile devices to augment the content consumption experience on another (larger) screen like a TV.

Several technical advances such as more powerful hardware, better screen technologies and more bandwidth provided by improved wireless transmission technologies are the foundation for this trend. TechCrunch cited a recent study by Strategy Analytics confirming this observation.

In addition to the improving technical framework, the way content is presented and consumed has changed. Content is now a lot more social, local, and mobile – or “SoLoMo” – a concept coined by VC John Doerr. Supporting this trend is clearly the proliferation of APIs as a way to make assets such as content, data or services accessible in an easier way.

That this particular niche of enriching content consumption via third screens seems to be highly valued is backed up by the recent acquisition of France’s Mesagraph and UK’s SecondSync by Twitter. Twitter expects these partnerships to extend beyond TV and to promote a new service called Data of Now to provide real-time data about advertising, consumer insight or media measurement (for more, see this TechCrunch article). This short clip gives more details about how Mesagraph and SecondSync fit into Twitter’s vision.


We are very proud to have Mesagraph as 3scale customer and congratulate them on this move. Essentially, Mesagraph is a real-time search and discovery platform for social media. Their services help to unlock the value of social media to help organizations and individuals make faster, better decisions. They provide 3scale-powered APIs to achieve that. Here is a link to Mesagraph’s developer portal.

Related to the topic of third screens and leveraging this idea via APIs, we would like to highlight two further companies providing relevant and very valuable services: maxdome and zeebox. Please find two videos about these companies embedded at the bottom of this post.

maxdome is Germany’s largest online video-on-demand (VoD) service. This service can be accessed via PC, laptop, Internet-connected TVs and set-top-boxes as well as mobile devices for individual rental, as a subscription or download. maxdome’s API program is currently accessible as part of their partner program.

zeeboxaim is to make TV better by bringing the power of the web to every second of live TV – and making it a more immersive and social experience than ever before. The services underpinning this vision can also be accessed via 3scale-powered APIs. Here is a link to zeebox’ developer portal.


maxdome video (German only):


zeebox video: