Startupbootcamp3scale joined forces with the Startupbootcamp – the leading global startup accelerator – to organize the Smart Transportation and Energy hackathon. This hackathon is organized with the Startupbootcamp center Berlin, which focuses on topics around transport and energy.

The hackathon will be kicked-off on Friday (June 13th) evening with some keynote talks. Two of our customers will provide their APIs for the hackathon: FlightStats and TransiCast. Both will be introduced and provided for the hackathon (find more details at the bottom of this post). We will also talk about APIs, API management, and specifically about APItools.

The actual hackathon will happen on the next two days June 14+15. The current Accelerator partners include Bosch, Castrol innoVentures, Cisco, EnBW, Mercedes-Benz, and Nokia HERE. A full list of all sponsors and partners can be found here.

We would like to offer all our customers to join this hackathon event and promote APIs and services to developers. If this is of interest please get in touch with us.

Registration and more info about the event can be found here.

Very relevant for this is the article “How smart cities are using APIs: public transport APIs” as just recently published on ProgrammableWeb. Mark Boyd gives a very detailed account on the benefits that lie in open data and public transport APIs to achieve the vision of smart cities. He also explains the various types of currently occurring public transport APIs and their maturity status underpinned with many examples. The article provides a lot of food for thought for API providers and also for developers regarding the challenges and opportunities of public transport data and APIs. We think this could be a useful source of inspiration — not only for the Smart Transportation and Energy hackathon.

More details about the APIs provided by our customers:

flightstats logoFlightStats

FlightStats APIs are a gateway through which you can retrieve current flight status on nearly every commercial flight operating anywhere in the world, track the position of planes in flight, retrieve airport and airline information, and set up flight alerts to notify you of flight changes.

TransiCast logoTransiCast

TransiCast is a REST based public transportation data aggregation API that offers next bus and train times of North American metros in a single API. TransiCast also offers transit routes and stops as well as service messages as provided by the transit agencies. Currently, 23 different transit agency provided real-time and static transit data formats are supported, including GTFS-RT and GTFS for static data. Responses are available in stream-parsable XML and JSON formats.


Transportation hackathon with 3scale