If you’re like most tech companies, you’ve probably looked at, or are already using Amazon Web Services to power Web or mobile applications, data processing, warehousing or storage. At 3scale we host our platform on EC2. So it made sense to give you the benefits of both – out-of-the-box and all in one place. With our recent release of the 3scale Amazon Machine Image (AMI) to the AWS Marketplace our customers can quickly and simply leverage AWS services for their integration with 3scale. Since our open-source Nginx API gateway is the preferred option of most customers to integrate their APIs with 3scale, we made the proxy available as an AMI in the AWS Marketplace, so now the integration of an API with 3scale is even easier and quicker.

Here are some of the reasons why we recommend using the AMI to run your own API proxy – in essence faster to get started and easier to maintain:

  • You won’t need to provision and manage a server in your own infrastructure

  • You won’t have to install and configure Nginx

  • It will be easy to replicate the proxy whether it’s to enable load balancing or set up a testing environment

  • Management of the API gateway is simplified with our bundled command line utilities

The only prerequisite is having an AWS account. If you already have one, just visit the 3scale AMI page in the Marketplace, select which instance type you want to use for your proxy, and start running it.

Once your API proxy is running you can load the necessary configuration files from 3scale by using the helper command line tool that we provide inside the AMI. Remember that you will have to first set your API in your 3scale portal.

For more details have a look at this tutorial which covers every step.

Do you like the AMI? Let us know! Your reviews in the AWS Marketplace listing are much appreciated. If you have anything less than a perfect experience, contact us anytime at support@3scale.net.

  • I just spent 1/2 day in installing this EC2 image. Documentation needs to be better here.

    First of all, where is nginx installed in this EC2 image? I was hoping to use this image with pre-installed nginx. But after lanching it, it has nothing installed.