As connectivity reaches more and more elements of our lives, the home is one of the key places where consumers experience the combination of APIs and devices. We participated in a great panel at the Connections 2014 in San Francisco yesterday (the event is still running – check it out here).

It was a great discussion with fellow panelists Hugo Fiennes, Electric Imp, Stuart Lombard
Letha McLaren of iControl Networks and Kenneth Wacks of ISO/IEC Home Electronic System all talked about various dimensions of success and challenges in APIs and the Connected home.

Our slides are below and emphasize two important points:

  • The connected home is about the devices, hubs, network and so forth within the home itself, but there are also two other dimensions – accessing and controlling the home from outside of it’s walls (inside-out) and also pulling data, media, services into homes (outside-in).

  • Ecosystem challenges such as standards, identity, security, are things that everybody must think about for any deployment.

Other themes on the panel included: business value of APIs accidental openness of your API, Local v’s Cloud hub architectures.

Great discussion and a lot happening in this space!