Klappo empowers innovative food providers with the most comprehensive semantic data about iklappongredients. Their latest product, Sensum.io food data API, enables developers access the data to create content that help consumers to make informed decisions about food. This is at the intersection of two growing trends: the projected explosion of health and wellness apps, and the application of big data in everyday life. By applying semantics to big data, the next generation of food and nutrition apps can make personalized recommendations that improve consumer health.

“The health technology market is expanding rapidly, driven by consumers’ desires to improve their wellbeing and live a healthier and more balanced life through conscious choices about the food we eat,” Said Max Del Vita, CEO Klappo. “Our goal was to provide an affordable way for developers to create highly customizable and functional food related apps as demand in the industry grows.”

Captura de pantalla 2014-05-22 a la(s) 15.19.50Sensum.io is Klappo’s flagship product. Its main user base consists of developers and CTOs of food producers, manufacturers and vendors, including restaurants and supermarkets. Using Sensum.io, developers can make highly customized user profiles depending on the specific tastes or health requirements of potential app users. When combined with Klappo’s semantic search functionality, apps can apply meaning to ingredients to instantly match a food to a user’s profile for specific taste or health requirements. Consumers can then make educated and engaged purchasing decisions when they are food shopping or dining out. Sensum.io is designed to provide developers with all of the tools they need to build the best food and nutrition-based apps and online content at a significantly reduced cost. It is the missing ingredient for supermarkets, restaurants and content providers who want to develop apps that provide customers with deeper knowledge about what they consume.

“I am very impressed with the quality of Klappo’s data and Sensum.io’s integration capabilities. I was able to very quick plug into Sensum.io and create relevant content from which I can build apps for mobiles, websites and even wearable tech.”  Ashley Davison, director at Fixdit.

Sensum.io is available on a subscription-based model, with cost  based on the volume of information requests -allow small and large organizations to pay for exactly what they use. Features of Sensum.io include:

  • RESTful APIs
  • Access to more than 130,000 packaged products in UK
  • 60,000 foods with Nutritional Values
  • 500,000 recipes
  • Realtime recipe parsing analysis
  • Categorizations for many food allergies, intolerance and diet preferences

Sensum.io is the most affordable and fastest way to build accurate and fully customizable food and nutrition-based apps. It is available in private beta in the UK immediately and will be available in US markets from summer 2014. Founded in 2012, Klappo is leading semantic search platform and independent product database. Managed by an expert team of nutritionist, semantic engineers and computer scientists, Klappo’s data store is the most advanced and granular on the market.