Hosting your API in a platform as a service like Heroku is a popular option nowadays since it frees you from all the infrastructure administration tasks and allows you to focus on development. It is also a really good way to launch your API when you are not sure what the usage will be like, as Heroku will handle scaling your application server for you.

If that is your case, now you can add 3scale to secure and manage your API right from your Heroku dashboard, by using the 3scale Heroku add-on.

Provisioning the add-on for your Heroku app is as simple as doing a call from the command line:

heroku addons:add threescale

or clicking on the Get Add-ons button of your Heroku app page.

Adding the 3scale add-on

Click on “Get add-on” and pick the 3scale Heroku add-on

Either way a 3scale account will be created for you and you will get your own unique key to start using 3scale in just a matter of seconds. This key will automatically be set as an environment variable inside your Heroku application so that you can easily use it when integrating your API with the 3scale access management platform. You can read further on how to complete your API integration in the technical documentation for the add-on.

3scale provides a management dashboard from where you can set up your API plans, configure how developer keys are issued, and extract usage analytics for all your endpoints. The 3scale admin portal is just one click away from your Heroku application page, and following the add-on link will automatically log you in to 3scale reusing your Heroku credentials.

We are looking forward to helping you manage and secure your APIs via the 3scale add-on in Heroku. If you are one of them and want to let us know about your feedback please do so by reaching us at