We are so pleased to congratulate our friends and tech partners NGINX on their being named the #1 web server for the top 10,000 busiest websites in the world. Phenomenal outcome and it truly underscores the ever growing need for speed, performance and reliability for websites – regardless of the size of the site or the scope of traffic demands.

According to WC3, nearly 40 percent of the busiest websites select NGINX as their web service of choice. Further, they have been acknowledged  by users that value predictable performance, with an amazing 20.8 percent of all websites trust NGINX.

We agree. Our open source API Proxy used along with an NGINX web server  provides super powerful on-premise or cloud API traffic management. No proprietary tech, no black box, no redirects, no added latency – just incredibly powerful, high performance API traffic management. Check it out for yourself.

Nginx’s commercial success stems from its commitment to the open source community.  Nginx delivers open source releases monthly, and just last week the company announced the release of NGINX 1.7.1. This included several new features, such as syslog integration for access and error logs which was previously only available to subscribers to the commercial version of the product.

“NGINX focuses on being a high performance and scalable webserver, while NGINX Plus, our commercial product, extends the product’s capabilities into load balancing and application delivery.  Our open source product benefits from huge community involvement along with the intelligence of our core engineering team,” added Robertson.  “With version 1.7.1, we saw a commercial feature as a perfect resource for the open source offering—and wanted to make it readily available to the community at large.”

Well done NGINX.