Back in November we told you about 3SCALE customer Indix when they launched the beta version of their API. Indix is a cloud based product intelligence platform that provides analytics and insights for brands, retailers and developers.

Today we’re happy to share Indix launched version 1.0 of the API that taps into the Indix platform assets, including its entire product catalog and pre-computed insights. With it developers can build product-aware applications that have access to real-time offers and catalog product info.

Brands and retailers use the Indix API to gain deeper insights into not only their own offerings, but also their competitors’ products. Developers use Indix API to build applications like curated e-commerce storefronts, customized product search, and personalized product catalogs. This development is creating a new class of product-aware applications where any interaction with a site, app or service is an opportunity.

Considering that online and mobile retail is on fire these days – this is all pretty awesome. But they didn’t stop there.

To celebrate version 1.0, Indix also launched KickStart, an initiative targeted to third-party developers that offers a discount for early-stage startups. KickStart will allow startups with less than $1 million in funding and $100,000 in revenue access to the Indix API at a reduced price point. Interested startups should send an email to

Indix CEO Sanjay Parthasarathy commented, “With our new KickStart program, startups can obtain product-related information easily and affordably as they begin their journey of creating product-aware applications.”

Indix paying it forward. Congratulations Indix and nicely done!

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