SF Developer Advocates

Summer Evangelist Meetup

On Thursday, July 24th we’ll be hosting the next edition of the San Francisco Developer Advocates Meetup in our San Francisco office. We are thrilled to be hosting The Summer Developer Evangelist Meetup  in our offices on Townsend Street at SOMA Central. This meetup has been around for couple of years and has a great reputation. During the last meetup in April, Steven Citron Pousty shared his ideas around this new job title and what makes a good Developer Evangelist. He gave the same kind of talk at Monki Gras, you can watch it here.

For the upcoming meetup we plan to have lighting talks where Evangelists will share with others tips, tricks and tools that help them to do their jobs – and to help others succeed. So, if you are a Developer Evangelist in the Bay Area or you are interested by this topic, you should join us. You will find more details on the meetup page.

The 3SCALE team will also attend the Yo Hackathon in New York this weekend, and API-craft conference in Detroit next week. Stay tuned for details! Hope to see you there!