For those of you that were at the APIStrat San Francisco conference last fall, one of the highlights of the event was without a doubt Traffic and Weather as a live stage show. John Sheehan and Steve Marx’ s not-to-be-missed podcast went live on stage and the result was one of the best intros to the amusing world of APIs you could ever hope to see! Catch it on video here:

traffic-weatherSo we’re really pleased to announce that the dynamic duo will be back for APIStrat Chicago. Get those API Confessions ready.

Since you’ll want to get prepared – check out the podcast series at http://trafficandweather.io/ and learn about everything from APIs.json (hurray) to Webhook madness and weekly debate on Hypermedia APIs.

Earlier this week we announced the APIStrat event initial program, check it out!

Don’t wait – there’s still time to get your tickets at early bird prices!