In an earlier blog post we announced our participation in the Smart Transportation and Energy hackathon organised by the Startupbootcamp – the leading global startup accelerator network. This hackathon was organized with the Startupbootcamp center Berlin, which focuses on topics around transport and energy.

The event was a huge success and the results were really impressive. About 75 people participated spread over eleven teams. Motivation was really high and people were working hard over the 48h. You can find more details about the event directly on the Startupbootcamp’s blog. Here is a description of the winning solutions from this blog:

1st place: Arndt

Building Management companies of residential and mixed-use high rises have solar panel arrays installed on their roofs in order to give electricity back to the grid and minimize electricity bills. Not being domain experts, they lease the panels from a 3rd party service provider that installs, monitors, and fixes them when they break down. We are that 3rd party; we are Arndt.

2nd place: ClownCar

ClownCar is a ride sharing app for events. We match attendees in the groups, so that they can easily see who else is going similar way. ”

3rd place: TrackYourEnergy

Motivate socially desirable behavior through extrinsic (money) and intrinsic (gamification and visibility of actual energy consumption) motivation using real time data (energy price and energy mix).

We represented and provided two of our customers’ APIs at the hackathon: FlightStats and TransiCast (find more details below). We also gave an introduction to the benefit of Web APIs, API management, and specifically introduced APItools — as API management for developers.


More details about the APIs provided by our customers:

flightstats logoFlightStats

FlightStats APIs are a gateway through which you can retrieve current flight status on nearly every commercial flight operating anywhere in the world, track the position of planes in flight, retrieve airport and airline information, and set up flight alerts to notify you of flight changes.

TransiCast logoTransiCast

TransiCast is a REST based public transportation data aggregation API that offers next bus and train times of North American metros in a single API. TransiCast also offers transit routes and stops as well as service messages as provided by the transit agencies. Currently, 23 different transit agency provided real-time and static transit data formats are supported, including GTFS-RT and GTFS for static data. Responses are available in stream-parsable XML and JSON formats.


Here is a neat infographic summarizing this hackathon and a wrap-up video below.

API hackathon Berlin