AWS Technology Partner -- 3scale3SCALE is now registered as a Technology Partner at the Amazon Web Services AWS Partner Network (APN). The APN is Amazon’s global partner program for AWS and is focused on helping companies build a successful AWS-based business by providing great business, technical, and marketing support. This partnership gives us access to premium support and materials to improve our offering to our customers.

We are also listed in the APN directory as Technical Partner where you can find our API Management offerings. In particular, the directory listing refers to our read-to-use 3SCALE API Management Gateway AMI 3scale now on AWS Marketplace(Amazon Machine Image). This AMI will accelerate integration with the 3SCALE SaaS API Management to implement access control, rate-limiting, throttling, usage analytics, API key provisioning, monetization and other useful features to control your API. If you already have an AWS account then you can deploy the 3SCALE AMI in no time. Here is an earlier post that gives an overview of the benefits and how to achieve API integration via the 3SCALE AMI.

nginx proxy based API integration -- 3SCALENGINX — provider of one of the most popular reverse proxy, load balancer, edge cache, and origin server and one of our core proxy-based integration partners — is also listed as APN Technology Partner. NGINX also provide simple integration via an AWS NGINX AMI

The proxy-based API integration via NGINX is the most popular deployment of the 3SCALE API Management solution. This powerful constellation is now even simpler to achieve via the 3SCALE AMI on AWS. Here is the “NGINX API Proxy with 3SCALE AMI” guide describing how this can be implemented.

AWS re:Invent -- 3scale sponsor

Finally, we are very proud to announce that we are sponsoring the AWS re:Invent event (November 11–14, 2014, Las Vegas, NV). AWS re:Invent is the largest gathering of the global Amazon Web Services community. Topics to be covered are going to be cloud strategy, improving developer productivity, increasing application performance and security, and reducing infrastructure costs.

We will be present at the show with a 3SCALE exhibition area showcasing among others API integration via our 3SCALE AMI and NGINX. We also applied for break-out sessions to give more in-depth and hands-on tutorials.

In the meantime, check out API integration via the 3SCALE AMI on AWS.