UK Company Opens Dev Portal

Finding new ways to use real-time job market data to help people make more informed decisions is what UK-based 3Scale customer Adzuna is all about. For job seekers considering a career move, families researching cities to move to, or government organizations seeking insight into how to spend funds more effectively across the country – employment stats and other types of data are essential. With this philosophy in mind, they have shared their vast collection of data with the world by opening the Adzuna API and offering a dev portal  to inspire developers to build more empowering tools for job seekers. These could include things like mobile apps, map mashups, or salary tools like Adzuna’s Adzuna API Opens Access to Vital Employment Dataown unique salary predictor, Jobsworth.

Ultimately, the Adzuma API will enable people across Britain to make better choices about where they work and live. Free access to the API is available here: It enables real-time access to vacancy and salary information, including job listings, whole-of-market salary trends, pay comparisons, vacancy distribution, company hiring patterns, and more. Currently, data is available from the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, South Africa and Brazil, with more markets to come in 2014.

The opportunity to access this treasure trove of information in real time is already attracting some well-known users, including several large media companies and the British government. In fact, Prime Minister David Cameron himself is now able to access Adzuna’s UK employment market insights via his iPad.

Adzuna’s Jobsworth salary prediction system, built using their own API, produces a salary estimate using advanced data science techniques for every job ad with no advertised wage, and publishes it on the website. In tests, their estimates are within 10% the majority of the time. This results in job seekers knowing what pay to expect, informing and streamlining their job search experience.

Types of Data in Adzuna API

Here are just some examples of the massive amount of job statistics data across different sectors in the UK that the Adzuna API puts at a developer’s fingertips:

  • New graduates
  • Journalists
  • Software developer
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and finance

Adzuna is very serious about engaging and connecting to their developer community. Have a great idea for a creative way to use Adzuna API data? The team would love to hear from you! Drop them a line here.