The Appreciation Engine powered by 3scale

API Delivers Consumer Social Behavior & Opinion to Build Brand Loyalty For Partners

It’s not news that the increasing adoption of social media has resulted in brands feeling pressure to engage their customer base in more meaningful and personalized ways. Customers demand a different kind of relationship with businesses and products – especially in industries like music and entertainment where it takes more creativity and precise targeting to hold their attention and win their loyalty. The Appreciation Engine API, powered by 3scale, does just that by giving brands the chance to create more meaningful connections with consumers and take advantage of unique social media marketing opportunities by harnessing the power of personal user data.

Consumers Opt-In To Have Their Social Signals Recorded & Shared

Consumers opt-in to The Appreciation Engine with a social login, allowing a brand or business to gain access to their real-time behavior on every major social network and filter for relevant information related to their own products. The brand can then collect accurate, timely information about current attitudes, trends, and demographics around their product and those of their competitors.

Precision Targeting, Loyalty & Reward Programs Among Instant Benefits

Essentially what can be tens of thousands customer social signals are being recorded, filtered and aggregated in a centralized customer database while Appreciation Engine feeds the relevant customer information to partner companies through the API. With that information at their fingertips, they can precisely target prospective and existing customers, personalize their experience and ultimately make it easier for them to buy – ultimately increasing sales and customer happiness. The Appreciation Engine also allows custom tracking and campaigns, useful for loyalty and reward programs, recommendations, and gamification initiatives to engage key demographics.

Already attracting the attention of record labels and other brands that depend heavily on the evolving loyalties, opinions, and tastes of their customer base, the Appreciation Engine promises more accurate and actionable information than big data alone, though because it’s based on publicly available information, it can be used on its own or along with existing big data programs for extra impact.

Appreciation Engine In Action – Universal Music Group

For example, AE customer Universal Music Group was looking for partners to fill gaps in their technology solution. Specifically, they wanted to: aggregate millions of social signals in real-time without “noise”; continuously improve their consumer behavior data base with automatically refreshing, organic social activity data; and create deep customer profiles to personalize customer communications and incentives.  They did it all with the Appreciation Engine. You can see how and what the results were here.

For more information, get in touch with the Appreciation Engine team and check out the developer portal: http://developer.appreciationengine.comThe Appreciation Engine powered by 3scale