Success Story

Today we are very pleased to report on the success of one of our customer’s API programs. JustGiving is a 3SCALE customer whose clients range from individual fundraisers to charities, companies, major brands and agencies — all of them working on ways to make doing good much easier.

Non-Profits: Not Typically Early Adopters

As recently as three years ago, the non-profit sector showed very little interest in API adoption. Charities traditionally have limited budgets, often rely heavily on volunteers, and rarely have in-house developer resources. In general, the understanding of APIs in the sector tends to be quite low. Without much budget for development and limited ability to have a consistent developer program, this is entirely understandable.

Fast-forward to today – where 21 million people have raised close to $2.5 billion (£1.5 billion British Pound Sterling) for more than 13,000 charities and causes in radically new and easy ways through JustGiving’s platform. 750,000 fundraising pages have been created through their API’s alone, raising $1.2 billion (£76 million) of their total donations.

Through JustGiving, charities and individual fundraisers have extended their reach, while corporations and services have brought the concept of giving to their core offerings. Everyone wins. Here’s how they did it.

Like-Minded Partners In Development

JustGiving’s customer-partner ecosystem has been pivotal to their API experience. In fact, developing their API services with one influential partner helped pave the way for a cascade of growth and innovation in an industry that was hesitant to take on the new technology. They worked closely with Cancer Research UK to improve the customer experience of signing up for the organization’s premier event campaign, Race for Life. They worked closely to hone in on the core of what their API offers to broader audiences today – offering quick and easy ways to engineer donation asks in a variety of online and social places.

Soon other major players followed Cancer Research UK’s lead, coming to JustGiving for API solutions to their fundraiser needs – including Australian charity Hearts4Heart and for-profit companies for whom doing good is a corporate initiative, like Spotify.

It Works!  Now, How To Scale

Soon came the next challenge – how to scale. They needed to meet very high demand for performance and scalability, but do so cost-effectively. They chose 3SCALE for its support, performance and plan flexibility.

Giving to charity today is a personal experience that happens in a variety of new ways and new spaces,” remarks JustGiving’s product manager, Jaime Parkins. “We designed our APIs with this very challenge in mind.”

Today their API program has a dedicated team, serving registered users growing at 40 percent annually.  More than a million new users have signed up since January 2014.  And eighty-four percent of the charities they surveyed say they will adopt APIs in the next 12 months. Other outcomes include:

  • Consistent developer account growth since 2011
  • 1500 developer accounts and growing
  • 50 charitable organizations use the APIs
  • Up to 25% of annual revenue is API program driven

Join us in congratulating JustGiving on their successful API program that, aside from being great in it’s own right, brings more good into the world with every use of their APIs.

Keep it up JustGiving. Just awesome.

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