One-click button deploy to Heroku -- 3scaleAt 3scale we keep pushing to make the process of integrating an API with our management platform as easy and quick as possible. When we heard about the new Heroku button we saw a great opportunity to make the setup experience a one-click deployment of the most popular way to integrate APIs with 3scale, namely our API Management via the open-source NGINX reverse proxy.

Now you can deploy an Nginx-based, 3scale API management instance to Heroku — all set and ready to be used with your API — with a single click of a button.
If you have already configured your API endpoints in 3scale you can try it right now:


The requirements to use this button to start your own API Management in Heroku are very straightforward:

  • Get a 3scale account and a Heroku account, both of them free
  • Go to your 3scale admin portal and set up your API server and some endpoints following the instructions
  • Come back here and click the above “Deploy to Heroku” button
  • The button will take you to the Heroku dashboard (see figure below) where you will have to enter:
    • A name for your Heroku application
    • Your 3scale provider key
    • Your 3scale admin domain (e.g.

Heroku dashboard deploying 3scale proxy

We are looking forward to seeing more customers taking this opportunity to deploy API Management and leverage all the powerful features that come bundled with it.
If you have any questions or have any feedback, drop us an email at support@3scale.

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