Weather Unlocked launches WeatherTrigger API

Global Weather API To Drive App Usage & Improve Business

3SCALE customer Weather Unlocked brings expertise and premium weather data together to create weather API services aimed at developers and enterprises. The company recently launched their flagship service, the WeatherTrigger API™, for integration with digital applications across multiple channels – including web, movie, tablet, digital TV, software and SaaS products. It lets developers query past, current and forecast weather data for worldwide locations and outputs a ‘yes’ or ‘no’response that can be used to trigger any action.

Perfect for developers who want to enhance their app with weather responsive capabilities, the use cases for WeatherTrigger are vast. For example, coding it into a simple golf resort app could result in customizing it to list courses with the best conditions for playing based on current weather. WeatherTrigger API is a great fit for any app where weather is a critical factor – such as sports and outdoor apps, navigation apps, or even fashion ‘lookbook’ apps.

Everyone is affected by weather. It has a massive impact on the global economy, affecting both consumer behavior and business performance. Its dynamic, ever-changing nature brings with it both new challenges and fresh opportunities.”    – WeatherUnlocked

WeatherTrigger API can also be employed to address a number of business decisions. From anticipating peaks and valleys in demand to closely manage supply, to optimizing staff and resources in weather sensitive operations, and providing the ability to do weather-driven promotions via web, email and SMS to drive sales. An advertising application could use the API to deliver a contextual weather-driven, real-time ad promoting a 4×4  SUV to consumers experiencing harsh winter weather conditions. Applications for the retail sector could be utilized to anticipate product demand for weather-sensitive products, optimize inventories, and potentially maximize profits.

The Weather Unlocked site also provides great research-based insights into how to use weather data including a study on economic sensitivity to weather variability, the effects of weather on consumer spending, and how to increase advertising ROI using weather.

WeatherTrigger is free to integrate and start using for up to 500 calls per day. The pricing plan makes it easy to scale up – and there are discounts for large volumes. The API is highly accurate – this comes from the same team that created Weather2 – and offers global coverage.  This API is well-documented, easy to use, fast, and comes with error logging and analytics reporting.