3SCALE Official API Partner of Smart Transportation & Energy Accelerator Startupbootcamp Berlin

Looking Forward to The Next “Transportation Miracle”

We’re proud to announce 3SCALE as the official API partner of  the Smart Transportation & Energy accelerator — Startupbootcamp in Berlin. We’ll provide assistance to the eleven startup teams chosen for this accelerator program and be their partners in all things API. This includes design, technology, strategy, marketing, and adoption — essentially an effort to provide them every advantage in their endeavors. As part of this we’re sponsoring the Final Demo Day on November 11, where the participating startups’ demos will be judged by potential investors. This is a big deal because it marks the end of a really intense three months for the entrepreneurs in which they accelerate their time to success. And what about this miracle you ask? Read on, we’ll get there.

The Startups of Startupbootcamp

Here are the eleven extraordinary startups chosen for the Smart Transportation & Energy accelerator program:

  1. Ampersand is a low-cost hardware solution for charging electric bikes from solar panels and providing off-grid microstorage
  2. Beliaa is a mobile service that provides for smaller damage and accidents between drivers and nearby garage
  3. coModule is a B2B electric vehicle data monitoring platform that combines hardware and software
  4. Counterest is “Google Analytics for the physical world”
  5. Einfach-machen-lassen is the opposite of Do-It-Yourself, literally; they enable e-commerce companies to offer customers home installation services
  6. Housahedron is a house monitoring kit consisting of a series of environmental recording sensors and a processing system
  7. LeanCiti is a big data analytics tools for consumers and utility companies analyzing specific usage in homes, detects inefficient appliances, or fraud
  8. myBus is cloud-based fleet management with enhanced passenger information for public transportation.
  9. Rokka Solutions improves last mile delivery by offering an Android solution for parcels
  10. Routier creates a new revenue stream for businesses with captive audience
  11. Sunride is a web application that simplifies the organization and management of community solar installations

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We wish them all luck, and a good dose of fun. (You can also read more about this announcement on the Startupbootcamp’s site).

Over the last few months we’ve been doing a lot of thinking about API Management for the travel, transportation, and logistics sectors in addition to supporting the  Smart Transportation and Energy hackathon earlier this year. Check out our recent articles about the “Uber API Launch: Unbundling Channels in Travel and Transportation” or “The benefits of APIs for Transport and Logistics.” But we’re not the only one’s who believe in the potential and power of transportation…

The Next Miracle to Come from Transportation

3SCALE Official API Partner of Smart Transportation & Energy Accelerator Startupbootcamp BerlinTechnology designer Bran Ferren gave a very inspiring talk on TED about “To create for the ages, let’s combine art and engineering” (video embedded below). Ferren is known for bringing together art, design and technology in unique and visionary ways. In this TED talk he refers to the five miracles that were “created” by the Romans through an inimitable combination of barely possible technologies taking the form of the Pantheon more than 2000 years ago. Ferren asks “What are the Pantheons of our time?

It is not the Internet. Though he thinks it is “important and necessary” it is insufficient in itself — acting more like the concrete used to build the original Pantheon. What Ferren predicts will be the next, real Pantheon — and here is the link to transportation — autonomous vehicles. Imagine how wide adoption of flawless autonomous vehicle technology could revolutionize not only transportation, but many other sectors, as well. Just think about how many lives might be saved and the follow-on effects. We’ve come a long way in terms of enabling technologies including the Internet and mobile communication and building data stores of knowledge and info like map data to support this design miracle. But there are some serious challenges like exact positioning in space and time, information about roads and their qualities, communication systems, new rules about road system usage, and very sophisticated object recognition algorithms. Some of these areas have already advanced significantly — some require more research and development.

We believe that startups like the ones we’re working with at Startupbootcamp can cut through the clutter and help to advance the whole field to a vision depicted by Bran Ferren. And that is why are so happy to support the participants of the Startupbootcamp and do our best to help them become successful. We want new miracles.


Below is the TED video of Bran Ferren embedded.