Quit Searching For Needles In Haystacks, AYLIEN Aims To Build A Web In Which the Needle Comes To You


AYLIEN allows developers to unlock the value of text with their Text Analysis API, which processes vast amounts of written information to find only what is relevant to its users. Whether the task is monitoring brand sentiment or summarizing and classifying large quantities of written documents, the Text Analysis API will save countless hours of what may once have been rote human reading and summarization.

In fact, since the launch of AYLIEN API in February 2014, they have gathered a significant following. Now they have nearly 200 users spread all over the world and are enjoying coverage from the likes of TechCrunch and Hacker News. Their users range from PR companies summarizing, classifying and extracting information from releases and news articles to reduce time spent manually trawling through text, to marketers analyzing the sentiment of brands through customer reviews and Tweets.

Eight APIs In One

The Text Analysis API consists of eight distinct natural language processing, information retrieval, and machine learning APIs which, when combined, allow users to extract meaning and insight from any document, text or URL with ease.

Sentiment analysis in particular is a pretty exciting area, as businesses attempt to make sense of the increasing amount of brand-related content being created and shared online. As the practice of consumers sharing their opinions and feedback — through social channels, blogs, review sites, comment sections, form submissions, etc. — becomes increasingly widespread, businesses see the opportunity of unprecedented levels of business insight.

At the top of each mountain of data lies a nugget of invaluable knowledge, but it takes an incredibly powerful tool to bring that mountain to its knees. That’s precisely what our Text Analysis API does.” – AYLIEN

Analysis That Is Out Of This World

The challenge is in the abundance of information: how to filter out the noise in order to understand the greater trends in customer opinions? How to turn this massive amount of text into actionable data that can inform business decisions? This is where AYLIEN’s analysis plays a crucial role, boiling down that huge pile of text into knowledge.

The API’s feature base is rich and evolving with a wide range of endpoints available:

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Extraction
  • Summarization
  • Entity Extraction
  • Concept Extraction
  • Classification
  • Language Detection
  • Hashtag Suggestion
  • Batch Processing

Their Text Analysis API is available on a subscription basis with plans to suit everyone from budding developers to enterprise level product teams. Developers can get started with the API and make up to 1,000 calls per day for free here.

And stay tuned because AYLIEN is also working on some exciting enhancements and features: supporting more languages and some improvements in intent detection capabilities and spoken language understanding.