3scale Supports VisionMobile in Largest Global Developer Survey

Vision Mobile DE8 -- 3scaleWe are happy to announce that we will be supporting VisionMobile again for the 8th edition of their Developer Economics report, which surveys over 7,000 mobile developers.

VisionMobile is the leading research company of the app economy and mobile business models. They produce extremely valuable insights into developer attitudes, trends, platform mindshare, tools and monetization opportunities. A lot of mobile industry players use that info — including us — which is why we believe it’s important to support this work.

We have previously supported VisionMobile’s 7th Developer Economics report — you can read about it in an earlier post.

If you are a mobile developer, have your say and complete the survey.

It takes less than 10 minutes. The resulting report is free, usually around 50 pages and participants get a notification when it is ready for download.

In addition, respondents can win great prizes, including:

  1. One iPhone 6
  2. One Google Nexus 5
  3. One Lumia 930
  4. And many more.

More about the Developer Economics report

This report is the de-facto research on the app economy and developer ecosystems, based on the largest, most global developer surveys. The Developer Economics survey is conducted twice a year and tracks platform mindshare, monetization by platform and revenue models, and use of tools. It also investigates opportunities and challenges in mobile development today.

The 8th edition widens its scope a bit. So if you’re involved in mobile app, IoT or backend infrastructure development, tell us what you think about the latest dev trends. Do you see more opportunity in Wearables, Smart Homes or Connected Cars? Who’s making money from apps, and how? Are iOS developers adopting Swift? Is the web vs. native debate still relevant?

As always, the survey results will become publicly available as a free download so that respondents can get a sense of what the latest trends are and what other developers have to say.

VisionMobile-DE8 --3scale