3scale API Program Exposing assets (data or services) via APIs can prove to be extremely valuable for an organization. However in most cases, it’s not enough to solve only the technical challenges of opening an API. It can even be counterproductive for the organization if the API does not contribute to the overarching business strategy, if no one knows about it, or if no one adopts it. A well-thought-out API program that surrounds the technical API is paramount.

This is the first part of the Building Effective API Programs blog series. This series is part of a larger collection of ebooks and articles, with which we aim to support decision making and help readers establish successful API-based products.

With the Building Effective API Programs blog series, we aim to provide very practical information to assist in defining, designing and implementing an API program that surrounds the actual technical API. Every post describes some conceptual background, accompanying examples, and a practical checklist. This series covers the main elements that every effective and successful API program has:

  1. Clear understanding of potential benefits of APIs and how to leverage them (link)
  2. Business strategy and API program alignment (link)
  3. The right API for the organization’s business model (link)
  4. API design (link)
  5. API operations (link)
  6. Marketing the API program (link)
  7. Business to developer (B2D) and developer experience (DX) (link)

We conclude the series with a summary of the key success factors of effective API programs.

In the next part of this series we will cover leveraging the API benefits.