Many of you are just returning home from another great APIStrat Europe and APIDays event in Berlin. It was a fantastic few days with awesome people coming together – speakers, sponsors, attendees – to move the ball forward on the technology and business of APIs.

For 3scale and APIStrat, it was the second European event after Amsterdam last year, and with 425 attendees the European API market is clearly taking off. It was a pleasure to partner with APIDays and the Sphere.IO local team – making it a real joint effort. See all the tweets at #apisberlin.

Huge thanks to all the sponsors, speakers and attendees who made it all work.

The Web of APIs

The theme of the event was the change from single APIs to the “Web of APIs,” and many talks reflected this – from more flexible API interfaces, to a wide variety of use cases and architectures such as microservices, which are blending internal and external APIs. More of that content to come! The videos of talks will be tweeted out as they become available.

To kick off the event, we showed some statistics of the API economy and our own growing user base:

The main theme is the incredible diversity of sectors beginning to see the rise of APIs, and diversity in types of APIs – many of which are no longer listed in public directories. Amongst our 600-strong customer base, there are now 40+ industries represented. Also on the consumer side of APIs, the number of searches for APIs.io is now at more than 77,000 with over 10,000 distinct search terms.

What’s next?

Photos, videos and slides are coming next over the next few days and weeks. There are also more upcoming APIDays and APIStrat events. For APIStrat, the next couple of events are here:

  • The APIStrat Un-workshop at Gluecon in 3 weeks time – get signed up now! (Free to Attend)
  • APIStrat USA – which this year will be in Austin, Texas in November. [Details to be revealed shortly!]

For APIDays, check out APIDays Med and APIDays San Francisco.

APIs Berlin was a blast – thank you to all! And especially our great partner in putting the APIStrat events together – Kin Lane, and for this one Mehdi Medjaoui and the Sphere.IO team! Pleasure working with you!