Route 66 in the US, Abbey Road in London, Champs-Élysées in Paris – these roads have inspired many songs, movies, and stories. It’s time to make some new routes famous, among them: the path from San Francisco to Nashville.

In early June, hundreds of hackers and entrepreneurs (“buspreneurs”) from 7 major cities in the US and in Mexico will take to the open road for the best 3-day trip of their lives. But there will be no time for sightseeing. They will be hacking day and night. They will have only 3 days to invent a brand new startup and go through their entrepreneur journey.

On the road, they will struggle with the same questions that entrepreneurs face everyday: What is the problem they are trying to solve? How are they solving it? Who will buy it? How should they promote their product? Is it time to pivot?

And unlike a normal hacking competition, the deadline to finish your project is real – it’s physical – because once the bus arrives in Nashville, it’s over. Then it’s time to pitch your startup to a jury and defend your project. Each passing highway sign is a reminder of how few miles you have left to finish your project.

The 3scale team had such a blast last year with Kristine, we decided to ride the San Francisco bus again. It will be my third time. The first was in 2012 with the Cerealize team, and in 2014 with Plumer. I am always impressed by the energy that people put into these projects, like their life depends on it!

At the end of the competition, there is nothing to win. No cash prize, no startup incubation or acceleration. But you’ve learned way more. You’ve met incredible individuals who built an amazing project together. And you know you can work with them whenever you’re working on a “real” project in the future.

StartupBus alumni who have gone on to create successful companies include:

  • Jonathon Kresner, CEO of AirPair (YC W14) rode the bus twice
  • Founders of Instacart met on the Silicon Valley Bus
  • StartupBus 2014 winner, Smart Host got accepted into Techstars
  • Lisnr from StartupBus Midwest 2012 raised $3.5m in 2014

It’s not too late for you to join this adventure too! Buses are leaving from many cities in the US and Mexico. Apply now to sign up for this amazing experience.

This year, 3scale is providing hackers with great APIs (more on that later). If you’re a 3scale customer, let us know if you’re interested. ;)