AWS Closed-Source, Proprietary Offer Reinforces Import of APIs to Today’s IT; 3scale Continues to Support AWS Users with Open Source Solution To Be Used Across All Platforms

Today our partner AWS announced its own API Gateway. We are pleased to see industry giants joining the pioneers in enabling an API driven web.

We offer an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that allows the quick and easy use of Amazon web services for integration with 3scale. We open source an Nginx API gateway as our option for customers who don’t want to be locked into a proprietary, closed source option that limits use case flexibility.

With the 3scale AMI there is no need to maintain your own server infrastructure, and configuration can be easily replicated for testing, versioning and load balancing across multiple IT environments.

Overall, Amazon’s API Gateway announcement shows how important APIs and API Management have become. It’s great to see they share our philosophy of scalable, cost-effective API management – of which we have been a pioneer.

Some Important Differences Between 3scale and AWS API Gateway:

  • AWS focuses mainly on authorization features – 3scale is much broader and feature rich with the inclusion of a developer portal, forums, on boarding and more.
  • Most people want to run their APIs across multiple clouds and even use APIs between the clouds – whereas the AWS offering is for AWS only. In contrast, 3scale can be deployed across any number of IT environments with a platform independent single management layer that spans them all.

We’re looking forward to more and more services to help bring the web of APIs to life…