Plus a Special Offer for Our Customers

API changelog 3scale Today we are very proud to announce a new partnership with API Changelog, a solution that improves and enhances the API developer experience and helps API providers gain more insight into their developer communities. Today API Changelog also announced their inclusion in the Seedcamp startup investment and mentoring program (listed here). To celebrate all this goodness, we have a special offer in which 3scale customers get their API Changelog subscription for free.

API Changelog Service = API Happiness

For API providers

API Changelog takes away the complexity of communicating with API consumers by giving API providers a way to automatically share changes to their APIs, improving the experience of developers, and helping to grow and build communities around API programs.

The service is offered to API providers via a SaaS-based subscription model. Additionally the API Changelog API allows API providers to use and manage their API Changelog account programmatically. And the API Changelog widget – which can be easily included in any developer portal (see screenshot below) – quickly and easily keeps their API consumers up to date on API changes.

API Changelog Widget

Example of the API Changelog Widget embedded in a standard 3scale developer portal

API Consumers Love it Too

For API consumers, aka developers, API Changelog standardizes and automates change notifications from any API they use. Developers spend less time researching changes, miss fewer of them and reduce the cost of managing their API integrations. Best of all? For developers this service is free.

API Changelog already serves hundreds of API providers and thousands of developers, clarifying communication around API changes. Customers include: TwitterSpotifyAsanaHipChat / AtlassianEvernoteVimeoMailgun / RackspaceMicrosoft / OneNoteWalgreens and many more.

For more information, check out this article on API Changelog blog.

Partnership Benefits All Around

Some of the core features of the 3scale API Management Platform give API providers full visibility into their API via analytics and increase API adoption through an outstanding developer experience with a built-in developer portal.

This partnership takes that one step further adding the API Changelog widget to detect changes much quicker and more conveniently. In addition to API analytics provided by 3scale, API providers will also get additional insight into their developer communities such as subscription and usage patterns.

Because both 3scale and API Changelog use Swagger for API description, it’s friction-less for our customers to integrate with API Changelog.

Now’s your chance, 3scale customers: get your API Changelog subscription for free. For more details and to sign up, please visit this site.