Automation of IT infrastructure isn’t just a productivity enhancer, it’s a key requirement for businesses to remain agile and competitive. The open interfaces of the 3scale API Management Platform make it easy to script deployment for a variety of configuration management platforms, including Chef. Our customers asked for automated solutions to deploy the API gateway on-premise, and we delivered. We’re happy to introduce the 3scale Chef Cookbook.

The 3scale Chef Cookbook allows any Chef user to easily automate the deployment of the 3scale API gateway and connection with the 3scale cloud for easier internal deployments and quicker connection with other services. It’s an enterprise-ready solution for development operations, now available as an option on all free and paid 3scale plans.

We’re also proud to add the 3scale Cookbook to our family of open source projects. Contributors are welcome and encouraged to fork and send pull requests.

“As APIs become more the standard than the exception in the enterprise, it’s important that businesses can easily make changes to their API configurations. We’re excited to see 3scale’s new Chef Cookbook help simplify the automation of API workflows for users.”
– Matt Ray, Director of Partner Integration, Chef

How does it work?

Running the Cookbook on one or multiple target nodes will download and install everything you need to run the 3scale API gateway on those nodes. This includes the OpenResty bundle and all its required system dependencies.

The 3scale Chef Cookbook not only installs the API gateway but it will also deploy the configuration files that 3scale generates for your API. The Cookbook can take care of downloading these files directly from your 3scale account. As an alternative, it also allows you to use your own configuration files–especially useful if you have applied any customizations on them.

After Chef finishes running the Cookbook, the servers will have an up-and-running gateway, already configured for your API endpoints and ready to start taking incoming requests.

For more details on how to run this, visit this tutorial published on our support portal.

More about the 3scale API gateway

The API gateway is one of the integration methods that 3scale customers use to integrate their APIs with the 3scale API Management Platform. It’s based on OpenResty, which includes the Nginx reverse proxy and some very useful third-party modules that complement it with features such as support for Lua scripting. Learn more about the 3scale API Management Platform.

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