Reduce Friction And Increase Adoption Of Your API

We have added OAuth 2.0 support to our Developer Portal to reduce signup friction and allow developers to have faster access to your API. We started with GitHub authentication first since it’s the most popular tool among the developer community and plan to add more Identity Providers (IdP) and tools such as Auth0, which provide Identity and Access Management (IAM) capability.

This functionality is now available on all 3scale customer developer portals – make sure to enable it on yours! We expect it to have a positive effect on the number of new developers trying out your API, which should increase adoption. To set it up, these simple steps.

A bit of history…

In the early stages of the Internet, we logged in to digital resources with usernames and passwords. Remember that scary grey box? With the “OK” and “Cancel” buttons? This process has been improving slowly with time, at least on the user experience side, with some small improvements. We now have the possibility to retrieve user details by email in case they are lost and also have these saved in the browser to avoid entering them each time. However this way of authenticating still presents the same security problems as before, as passwords are easy for computers to guess and so are easy to hack. And it’s still annoying for users who need to login to resources from several devices multiple times a day.

To remedy this, it’s become common to sign up for applications and sites using a 3rd party Identity Provider, for example with a Gmail or Facebook account. Users are spared the pain of filling out another signup form and needing to remember additional credentials. This reduces friction in the signup process and makes it much quicker to access the resources user seeks.

This type of authentication uses OAuth 2.0, which has become a standard authorization framework. As we also want to make these benefits available on our Developer Portal, we are introducing the possibility for developers to authenticate using their GitHub account in addition to the usual username and password.

Please give us your feedback! Let us know which social logins you would like us to add next and which IAM tools you already use.