Join us at the Technical Introduction to Bitcoin meetup – co-hosted by TheFamily and 3scale – on January 13th, at 19:30 at the 3scale office in Barcelona.

I have written a bunch of articles about banks and APIs, describing how APIs will impact tomorrow’s banking. At 3scale our commitment goes beyond just reviewing what is happening – we want to actively support innovation in this industry.

Together with TheFamily, we’ll be co-hosting the Technical Introduction to Bitcoin meetup next Wednesday (January 13th, at 19:30) in our Barcelona office. Not only will this meetup give you an in-depth look at Bitcoin but you’ll learn how to use it wisely. We’ll also provide food and drinks to fuel some more detailed discussion.

Bitcoin is under scrutiny by many banks as a new way to realize transactions. While the European commission is investigating the possibility to create a digital ledger across banks (see my previous post), some banks took it one step further. For instance, Bank of England believes cashless transactions combined with electronic devices has the potential to disrupt the ways we make secure payments. It would be possible for banks to offer their own crypto-currency. The main hurdle is to avoid compromising the existing model. Additionally, it requires specific efforts to secure these digital payments against attacks.

Bitcoin’s challenge is that banks today are creating value because they handle individual funds diligently and quietly, and banks need to prevent competitors from accessing their ledgers. Bitcoin, however, is based on a system of blockchains, a distributed network that publicly records every transaction, which contradicts what banks require today. While it ensures the security of Bitcoin exchanges, banks would need a new technology.

If you’re curious about Bitcoin and its future after numerous scandals, such as Mt Gox collapse, join the discussion at our offices in Barcelona. As the Guardian said, “Mt Gox’s collapse is a boon for bitcoins“. It backs this statement with the trust crypto-currencies have earned since Silkroad was dismantled. From a nerdy and shadowy currency, it’s turning into something that people can trust. OkCupid and Tesla accepting it for payments is further proof of its legitimacy.

More about TheFamily

TheFamily, the organizer of this meetup, is an is a strategic, minority, long-term shareholder. They work with founders, providing them with resources (education, unfair advantages, and capital). It favors entrepreneurs from toxic ecosystems, the ones most likely to disrupt established industries and governments. TheFamily nurtured CaptainTrain, which makes train booking as quick, easy and painless as possible across Europe; Algolia, an easy to plugin for real-time search engine; and, an after-sale service for every smartphone or tablet. On Wednesday, they will bring to us Gilles Barbier. Gilles has funded TellMeWhere, a major source of in location-based reviews in Europe. Since then, he has become dedicated to sharing his knowledge with other entrepreneurs, especially on scaling issues. Please RSVP here