APIStrat Announces 2016 Program Chair Lorinda Brandon, and the Program Committee of API Industry Thought Leaders For October’s Boston Event

Program Committee Reflects API Impact Across Business, with Communities and in Tech Sector: Fourteen members Represent Startups, Enterprise, and City and Government Service Delivery to Shape Unique and Dynamic Program

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – April 26, 2016 – The API Strategy and Practice Conference (APIStrat), organized by 3scale and API Evangelist, announced today that API industry leader Lorinda Brandon will act as 2016 Program Chair. Event organizers also announced the fourteen industry thought leaders on the Program Committee. APIStrat will be held in Boston in late October. Call for papers is now open.

“I attend many conferences and all of the APIStrat events, and for me this is the can’t-miss conference every year,” said Lorinda Brandon, Senior Product Manager at Capital One DevExchange, and 2016 Program Chair for APIStrat. “I am delighted to bring my energy and enthusiasm to the APIStrat program and community as the conversations change and evolve with the expanding API industry”.

“Lorinda has been a leader in helping us build the welcoming, envelope-pushing community that is recognized as a key part of APIStrat’s success,” said event co-organizer, Steven Willmott, CEO of 3scale. “It is fantastic to have her take the chair role this year and invigorate the program. We’re very excited about the program that is already taking shape.”

The 2106 conference is split into three main tracks: technology, best practice, and the business of APIs. Brandon encourages new voices to submit proposals this year, noting the conference’s diversity policy, keen interest to hear from first time speakers, and those who have more varied experiences working in tech.

“Last year, the breadth of the conversation expanded to include organization wide concerns. Now we want to address the influence of APIs not just in design and development, but also business modeling, and non-developer conversations”. Brandon continued, “For example, we see a shift in business and government leaders getting involved in APIs whether they know how to speak APIs or not. APIStrat intends to add these different perspectives to the conversation.”

Brandon will be supported by a Program Committee of API industry thought leaders including:

  • Kirsten Hunter: API Evangelist at Akamai and Author of Irresistible APIs
  • Brandee Shin: API Product Manager at Capital One
  • Shelby Switzer: Software Engineer at Healthify
  • Kurt Collins: Director or Technology, Evangelism and Partnerships, Built.io
  • Keith Casey: Director of Product, Clarify
  • Kristen Womack: Independent Web and API Consultant and Product Strategist
  • Leah Bannon: Government API leader and Founder of Tech Lady Hackathons
  • Manfred Bortenschlaeger: API Market Development Director at 3scale
  • Joyce Stack: Developer Outreach at Mendeley API
  • Tony Blank: Senior Developer Evangelist at SendGrid
  • Seth Lachner: Senior Engineer at Election Systems & Software
  • Chris Metcalf: Director, Developer Experience at Socrata
  • Adam DuVander: Developer Content Lead at CenturyLink Cloud
  • Caroline Lewko: CEO at Developer Marketing Agency, WIP / WIP Factory.

“We are excited to have the generous support of so many leading API thinkers and strategists joining us as the source of expertise for our program choices this year,” said co-organizer, API Evangelist, Kin Lane. “Our program committee is a reflection of where APIs are creating an impact across business, with communities and in tech sectors. Our committee members come from startups, enterprise, and city and government service delivery, and will help us shape a unique and dynamic schedule of talks for this year’s APIStrat.”

More details at http://boston2016.APIStrat.com

About Lorinda Brandon
Lorinda Brandon has more than thirty years of experience in software development and has worked for companies such as SmartBear, RR Donnelley, EMC, Kayak Software and Intuit, among others. She has a particular passion for APIs and software testing, and has published extensively on InfoQ, Programmable Web, and Network World on the importance of both APIs and enabling the delivery of high-value software. Recently, Lorinda became Senior Product Manager at Capital One DevExchange, where her role involves working with API producing teams to deliver strategic, quality APIs to the external market. She has been a regular speaker and moderator at previous API Strategy and Practice events, as well as contributing to industry events such as RESTfest and APICraft.

About API Evangelist
API Evangelist is run by Kin Lane, a technology professional with an obsession for Application Programming Interfaces or APIs. His blog at API Evangelist chronicles API evolution and seeks to provide insights and best practice from both a technical and business perspective. He also writes at APIVoice and APIStack.

About 3scale

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