Due to an explosion of digital channels, marketers face complex data analysis and decision making challenges. In this blog post, we’ll show how channel integration and API management can help digital marketers achieve their goals.

A typical digital marketing challenge

In their white paper about The Three Stages Of Digital Marketing Maturity, SnapLogic (who we have an integration with) describe a great use case about a digital marketer who works for an online retailer. She notices a spike in sales of a particular brand of sweaters over the last 48 hours. Through the various channels that she has integrated with Salesforce, she is able to identify that a certain celebrity wore this particular sweater during a talk show, which triggered many tweets. The tweets in turn influenced consumers to search for this sweater online and eventually to purchase the product.

The technical solution through channel integration and API management

The three stages of digital marketing maturity as identified by SnapLogic are:

  1. Aggregation and integration
  2. Automation
  3. Self-optimization

The SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform as a service (iPaaS) solution covers all three stages. We published a technical tutorial that describes how to set up a channel integration between Salesforce and Twitter, similar to setup described in the use case above. In SnapLogic terms, this kind of channel integration is called a pipeline. You can combine several pipelines to achieve channel aggregation and integration and on top of that to realize automation and self-optimization.

All pipelines provide RESTful APIs by default, so they be accessed and modified from anywhere in an enterprise’s IT. This allows for maximum flexibility about where and how you achieve aggregation, automation, and self-optimization. You can adapt this model to fit perfectly with your organization’s requirements.

And the beauty of this is how straightforward it is to integrate this with 3scale. Leverage the full scope of the 3scale API Management Platform to gain full control, security, and visibility into your pipeline APIs.

For more information about the SnapLogic channel integration and 3scale API management, please get in touch with us or refer to our partnership resources or technical tutorial.