The Open API Initiative is still a very new organization, and it’s great to get the opportunity to talk to new audiences about it. Thanks to the OW2 consortium’s kind invitation, we got the chance to do that in two sessions at Cloud Expo Europe this week.

The first was a presentation on the Open API Initiative itself and a first taste of what is being worked on for the new version of the specification. The second was an excellent panel on the role of open source and open standards in cloud with Alan Sill (President, Open Grid Forum President), Cedric Thomas (CEO, OW2), and Marc Dutoo (OCCIware Project Leader). The panel covered some great topics including the role of open source vs. the role of open standards, and what organizations should think about when considering standards adoption.

The discussion reinforced how important the combination of open source and open standards has been in enabling innovation. There’s no doubt the OAI aims to contribute to that.

The presentation is embedded here:

Credit for the slides to several contributors to the Open API Initiative including: Marsh Gardiner (Apigee), Dennis Brenan (Capital One), Tony Tam (Smartbear), Ole Lensmar (Smartbear) and Steven Willmott (myself, 3scale of course).

If you’re interested in participating and learning more about the specification, head to or follow @openapispec on Twitter.

Thanks again to OW2 for the invitation and hosting the two sessions!