We are happy to announce the 3scale nginx-based API Gateway is now available as a Docker image on the Red Hat OpenShift PaaS solution. Customers using OpenShift can easily deploy the 3scale API Gateway with a few clicks and leverage multiple additional benefits of this PaaS. Now, any application written on OpenShift can automatically scale up based on demand and can easily be moved to another environment that supports the same languages, preventing vendor dependency and freeing customers from lock-in.

OpenShift is an open source, enterprise-class platform-as-a-service (PaaS) with community and development leadership provided by Red Hat. OpenShift allows application developers to automate hosting, configuration, deployment, and administration for whole application stacks in an elastic cloud environment that scales based on demand. Since OpenShift supports Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration, it also supports microservices efforts. This combination of PaaS, containers, microservices, DevOps and API management has great potential to help companies compete more effectively by achieving agility at an enterprise scale.

3scale customers can now leverage the benefits of OpenShift PaaS through whichever deployment option works best for them. What we like about OpenShift in particular is that it’s built with standards in mind. It comes in different flavors – as a commercial solution through openshift.com and also as OpenShift Origin, a free and open source community project. OpenShift Origin is the base for the commercial solution, and it offers three different deployment options: OpenShift Online (full cloud deployment, not in GA yet), OpenShift Dedicated (private cloud deployment operated by Red Hat), and OpenShift Enterprise (on-premise deployment in your own data center).

The new Docker image of the 3scale API Gateway provides complete flexibility on deployment options, including the free and open source version of OpenShift Origin. This adds OpenShift to the already broad range of deployment options for the 3scale API Gateway, allowing customers to chose the method that best suits their needs. For more details about how to deploy and configure the Docker image of the 3scale API Gateway and the various options, please refer to this tutorial.

This integration is part of our very successful partnership with Red Hat with the goal of offering a full-stack API solution, including our recent decision to join OpenShift Commons to contribute to the growth of the OpenShift ecosystem.

To get in touch or find out more about the integration between the Docker image of the 3scale API Gateway and the Red Hat OpenShift PaaS, refer to this page.