Modern app development made easier with 3scale and Stormpath

We’re happy to announce we’ve added a new integration for Stormpath, available for all 3scale plans starting today, which simplifies adoption of the complicated OAuth authentication flow. Our partnership with Stormpath provides complete identity management for 3scale customers and brings radical simplicity to modern app development. 3scale continues to be the best platform on which to build OAuth-powered APIs.

“The integration with Stormpath is the latest step from 3scale in becoming the standard for sophisticated APIs. We know that, due to the complexity of today’s development, in-house options are less feasible. This new partnership will make it easier than ever for API providers to implement a complete identity layer.”
– Steven Willmott, 3scale CEO

The integration is a powerful tool for any API provider who needs identity management. Stormpath is a complete and easy Identity API for developers building web, mobile, and API-driven applications, with everything from user registration to authorization and user management. Stormpath’s pre-built user management allows teams to launch applications faster.

“OAuth presents API developers with a complex challenge – it’s complicated and labor-intensive to implement and secure. This partnership between Stormpath and 3scale makes it easy for API providers to quickly deliver reliable APIs with best-in-class security, authentication and identity management.”
– Alex Salazar, Stormpath CEO

Customers can simply “copy and paste” code from GitHub to use Stormpath and 3scale together. We’ve put together a tutorial – available in our Support Docs and as a PDF for download – to take you through the steps to set up the integration.