We’ve recently revamped our notification system – the part of the admin portal that sends messages to your team members, alerting them on things that happen with your API program, like a new signup to access your API, or a plan change request – all with the goal of providing better out-of-the-box notifications. (Not to mention helping to keep your inbox clear.)

How is it better?

  • Un-clutter your inbox! Individually subscribe to notifications to avoid receiving undesired mail. Now, all admins and members can have different subscriptions.
  • As an admin, you can also now control the notifications to which your team members can subscribe.

  • Better email templates: We analyzed the type of information that customers include in notifications and used the data to improve the language and added new fields in the templates*.
  • New templates: We’ve also added a couple of new notifications for when a customer downgrades to a lower plan, and for when a customer’s application trial period expires.

(*) Editing notifications is not available anymore, so if you’re missing any information or fields in the notifications, just let us know! We hope that this is a step forward to saving you some time configuring templates by providing a better out-of-the-box experience.

And there’s more… filter messages by service

In addition to the above changes, if you’re dealing with multiple services, and perhaps multiple API teams, you could upgrade to our enterprise plan to allow different teams independent access to your services, including filtering notifications.

To learn more about the enhanced 3scale notification system, visit our documentation.