Today is a special day for the 3scale team at Red Hat. It’s been just 10 short months since the company joined Red Hat in the summer of last year and there has been a buzz of activity for the entire time.

One of the biggest new goals was to add a fully on premises version of the 3scale API Management product to the line up alongside the existing Hosted Software as a Service (SAAS) version. Hence the team is very happy to announce the availability of that new version which is now generally available. Get started looking at 3scale’s customer portal page.

Launching the on-premises version is special for two reasons. Firstly because increasing numbers of customers are now running large numbers of public and private APIs – often deep in their internal infrastructure. Deploying API Management in their own data center or in a cloud environment they own is often a key part of succeeding. Secondly, it is special because of the way on-premises is being delivered. Specifically the new product is shipping entirely on Red Hat’s powerful container management platform OpenShift.

To do this all the elements of the SAAS application were containerized and their deployment is managed seamlessly by OpenShift. This means that the API Management Services can run anywhere OpenShift goes. It’s also fair to say, delivering an on-premises product would have been nigh on impossible without OpenShift.

Even five years ago, the prospect of taking a large high performance application designed to be hosted in the cloud and packaging it to run in an stable, scalable way behind the firewall would have been a monumental task. In fact we considered doing this very thing while 3scale was an independent company. However our best case projection was always that it would take nearly all of our engineering resources and even then almost certainly fail.

The new paradigm of deployment in containers and the management around this that OpenShift takes away a very large amount of the heavy lifting associated with managing an application like this.

So Hats off to the 3scale team who have reached a major milestone and hats off to to the OpenShift team for producing the kind of infrastructure that really does make things easier.

On-premises and the hybrid cloud

One of the reasons we believe this release is so timely is that we’re starting to see more and more organizations operate their IT systems as genuine Hybrid Cloud environments. Hosting different applications in different public clouds and often some in local environments. APIs are key to enabling these systems to work together – enabling services to interact with one another across the different clouds.

Being able to deploy 3scale API Management on-premises means it can comfortably be used for internal APIs as well as external APIs.

SAAS sees continued growth

While today is a big day for the on-premises version of the product, it does not replace the SAAS product. The SAAS product is also continuing to advance with new features on the way and significant usage growth. Customers may also deploy both versions to cover a range of scenarios.

The team is already hard at work on the next milestone: full open source by the end of the year!

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