3scale in Action

More APIs are powered by 3scale than by any other vendor. The proven choice from Fortune 1000 companies to startups across a wide range of industries, 3scale’s unique architecture and future-proof approach ensure faster time to production, unrivaled scalability, and no-surprises cost.


Developer’s perspective

Industry veteran and innovator Paul Butterworth, CTO of eMotive, explains how he was able to get started with 3scale in under 30 minutes and his view on 3scale’s architecture.

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Solving API problems

3scale eliminates the headache and pain points of managing APIs. Whatever your role, 3scale provides the API relief you need

API Developer

  • Frustrated testing out other platforms?
  • Self-serve access with transparent pricing and plans to fit your budget.
  • How do I get oAuth and API keys working without heavy lifting?
  • Complete security with support for oAuth v1 and v2, completely documented and ready to go.
  • How should you test and optimize for performance?
  • Testing framework quickstarts and scalability from the start.
  • How do I get an enterprise-class developer portal without having to battle HTML and CSS?
  • Complete developer portal that can be customized to your own requirements.
  • Documentation is critical but potentially overwhelming.
  • ActiveDocs based on the Swagger Framework.


  • Enforcing good behavior on the menagerie of apps and scripts calling your APIs?
  • Rate limiting, policies, and enforcement are all part of the tool kit.
  • You need to check API alerts as they occur across many calls and responses.
  • Centralized alerting framework that is API accessible for complete flexibility.
  • Cross checking with other tools like Splunk would be great – how to correlate?
  • The complete platform is partner-friendly and all services in 3scale have APIs for increased interoperability.

API program manager

  • You have different people using your API in different ways, how do you manage without being completely overloaded?
  • Customers and partners are now able to access and do things they previously could not through your neatly tiered and managed program
  • What do you do if there’s an outage – how soon will you be notified?
  • Centralized alerting framework that is API accessible for complete flexibility.
  • How do deliver reports for management that don’t require going through engineering to get them?
  • Base reporting and analytics are provided that can be customized to your liking.
  • Can it generate revenue?
  • APIs can be monetized with pricing rules and policies.
  • What’s the best way to communicate with the community on changes or incidents?
  • Complete developer portal and forums can be customized to your requirements.


Rick Copeland


“Using 3scale let us focus on the unique functionality of our API instead of spending time on the mundane mechanics everyone needs.”

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Content distribution

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Customer integration

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Partner ecosystem

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Internal innovation

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APIs as a business

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Mobile backend

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