About Us

We’re helping to build a more programmable web.

We love APIs

We founded 3scale in 2007 because we believed the world would become web enabled, and that APIs would be required. That guess has proven correct on both counts. We now power APIs for more than 500 organizations of all sizes across many industries. And still, we think this transformation is just picking up speed. There is much more to come and more work to be done.

Our goal is to enable organizations and institutions worldwide, large and small, to successfully open, manage, and use APIs. We do it as openly as possible, and always with community in mind.

We also offer APItools for app developers and devops who use APIs. APItools helps to track, transform and analyze the traffic between an app and the APIs that the app uses. APIs.io, the world’s first open source API search engine is another one of our projects for both API providers to make their APIs discoverable on the web, and for developers to find the APIs they need to power their apps. In our world, everybody wins.

We are very active in the API community and co-organize the semi-annual API Strategy & Practice Conference. The event occurs in the US and Europe annually. Well regarded and attended, it is know as the premier API event in the API community.