3scale + Amazon API Gateway =

Full Complement API Program Management

Deployment options include Lambda or any external endpoint, plus CloudFront and CloudWatch extensions

3scale Adds Business Ops Power for Sophisticated API Management

Technical operation functions alone are not enough for full API management needs. The 3scale API Management Platform adds API business operations functionality to Amazon API Gateway technical operations functionality, so API providers can plan and execute strategies that fully leverage the utility of exposing assets via APIs.

All scenarios share a basic flow:

  • An API request reaches the Amazon API Gateway endpoint and is redirected to a 3scale authorization function implemented in Lambda.
  • The function calls the 3scale API Management Platform for API key authorization.
  • 3scale authenticates the keys and confirmation is returned.
  • API call flow is continued by accessing the actual API implementation; either on Lambda or an other HTTP endpoint.
  • Successful execution of the whole API flow – both request and response – is reported to 3scale and can be seen in analytics.

Options for Supercharging your Amazon API Gateway Deployment with 3scale

Option 1:

Run zero-infrastructure APIs using Lambda

In this approach, the API itself is directly implemented using AWS Lambda – a compute service that runs code in response to events and automatically manages compute resources. No additional API servers or hosting resources are required. After an incoming call has been authenticated, a second Lambda function can deliver the response.

Option 2:

Run APIs with Backend Services Like EC2

In the second scenario, the Amazon API Gateway and 3scale integrated solution can be used with a hosted HTTP endpoint. This can be configured in the Amazon API Gateway with straighforward mapping using standard HTTP calls. Endpoints can be hosted anywhere – including with Amazon’s own EC2 service.

Optional Extensions Using CloudFront and CloudWatch

Optional extensions can be deployed by using AWS CloudFront and/or CloudWatch, and can be applied to each of the two integration types. CloudFront provides perimeter protection against DDoS attacks, minimal latency and load reduction with optimised geographic deployment, as well as acceleration via content caching. CloudWatch provides enhanced monitoring capabilities including performance metrics and info on API calls, data latency and error rates.

3scale + Amazon API Gateway = Full Complement API Program Management