Create and customize pricing rules. Issue invoices. Accept payment.

Built-in payment gateway integration makes it easy to configure and manage API billing and monetization. Fully PCI-compliant and highly customizable, 3scale’s billing and monetization features let you set pricing rules and charge for API access.

Create custom combinations of fixed monthly charges, variable monthly fees based on usage volume, or one-time fees for overages. You can automatically generate invoices and accept payments from all major credit cards.

Choose your payment gateway provider

3scale offers built-in integration with your choice of payment gateway services, making it easier to set up paid plans and monetize your APIs.

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api payments stripe
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Everything you need to monetize your API

  • Choose your preferred billing currency and apply VAT tax if needed. PCI-compliant billing options protect user credit card information. Invoices, payment status, invoice line items, and transactions can easily be accessed through calls to the 3scale Billing API.
  • Customize signup and on-boarding workflows to allow the combination of self-serve options and admin approvals that suits your team best. Service, account, or application plan models give you the flexibility to manage different types of internal and external users efficiently.
  • Define paid application plans for your API and provision pricing tiers by account or by application. Plans can be differentiated by rate limits for incoming calls, as well as by access to specific methods or endpoints. Pricing rules can be customized to offer plans at a flat monthly fee or variable rate to fit your needs.
  • Automatically generate reminders via email for credit card expiration, rate limit overage notifications, and invoice delivery. You can also create internal alerts to notify your team when a payment fails, when an application plan is changed, or when an application exceeds its rate limit. Webhooks make it easy to send these alerts to other internal systems.
api monetization

APIs can enable new revenue streams or act as the foundation of your business model—so the ability to set pricing rules, invoicing, and payment collection is critical.

Provide access to each customer tier in line with existing product features and capabilities. Access to specific endpoints or methods, as well as daily or monthly call limits, can help encourage customers to move to a higher plan level.

Are you ready to unleash the power of your API?